Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twinks Spotlight - Chad Castellanos

24 year old Chad Castellanos was born and raised in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. His background is a mixture of Irish, French, German, and Bohemian from his mom's side and Cuban from his dad's side. The 5'9" model grew up playing sports (baseball, hockey, and soccer) and riding bmx bikes. Asked how he got started in modelling, Castellanos told Connex247 "I broke up with my ex girlfriend and was really depressed. I was lonely, so I put my picture on some picture rating site to try to ease my pain and get a little attention. I was then approached by a small business in Minneapolis to model for them. I was very skeptical, but I figured I didn’t have anything to lose"."I modeled with them for about two years. I got positive feedback from several Agency’s and other business including the online magazine All American Guys." "AAG got me my first modeling job out of state. I’ve never really wanted to be a model, and I actually hate getting my picture taken outside of the studio. I’ve sort of just entered into the industry accidently, and now im finding out what it has to offer for me. Never really have had any expectations or intentions. I just got with the flow. So far so good."He considers his eyes and abs his best feature and I must say that I agree!

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