Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aaron James & Kurt Wild Love To Be Gay For A Fee

I recently watched an episode of the Tyra Banks Show and the topic was on Gay For Pay. That of course, got my attention, and I watched the show.On it were two beautiful guys who claimed to be straight but got paid well to do gay porn. Their names - Kurt Wild and Aaron James. Kurt Wild is 22 years old and is married.He has 3 kids and made headlines last year when he was fired from Subway after they found out he did porn.Kurt told his fans, "I just wanted to tell everyone that I was just fired from my work at subway because I have done gay porn. A customer said they wouldn't even eat there at subway anymore because of my past work and said that if I wasn't fired then they would boycott the store.""I should have the right to work anywhere I can and it isn't right or fair that people can keep me from working simply because of a "gay" issue. If a girl did what we do it would probably be ok.. and if a guy does straight porn.. he is bragged about. When I do gay porn, I feel a bit lynched for the rest of my life. Not right." Aaron James, 24, says he's currently straight, attracted to men, but not to the lifestyle.On his MySpace page, Aaron says that he'll be gay and engage in a relationship with another man when he meets one that shares his lifestyle.Aaron was featured in the MTV documentary "True Life" that focused on life in the porn industry.He participated in the episode to "shed a positive spin on working in the adult entertainment industry".
Asked if he keeps his work a secret from friends and family, Aaron says "I have been completely open and honest with my friends and family about my work and there have been no negatives. Although I say I am straight, I really don’t think there’s a name for what I truly am. Besides, I find labels pointless." What turns him on? he says "I am really turned on by people that are sexually open minded". Check out some smokin' hot xxx pics of Kurt and Aaron here.

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