Sunday, March 30, 2008

Twinks Spotlight - Brent Van Zant

Brent Van Zant is a 28 year old model who has done a lot of fitness mag covers and underwear ads.
He recently did a Guess Jean ad and also has done a TV Commercial for Old Spice.
He was born and raised in Paradise, California but has been doing most of his modeling in Europe and Australia.

Twinks Feature Nick Beyeler

Much much more than a pretty face and hot bod, Nick Beyeler is also an 8 times Swiss National Aerobics Champion and model.
Born Mar 29, 1975, the 32 year old athlete will be touring Europe this year with "Holiday on Ice" where he performs an aerial act.
Take a look at my other blog "TwinkSextra" for some nude shots of Nick.

Top Twinks - Gymnasts #8 - Stephen McCain

Stephen McCain
Age: 34
Stephen (in red shorts)

Daily Smoothie - Mar 30, 2008